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Professional Services

The care provided by Crossroads Mobile Vet is comprehensive. We offer a full array of services.

Diagnostic / Therapeutic

We employ the best of modern medicine and equipment to help maintain your pet's health and welfare, as well as to diagnose and treat problems as they occur.


We maintain a broad inventory of pharmaceuticals, preventatives, and therapeutic products. In addition, we offer access to easy home delivery of pharmacy refills through our online affiliate


Balanced nutrition is fundamental for the health and longevity of your pet. We provide nutritional counselling, as well as access to home delivery of prescription diets through our online pharmacy.


We employ both in-house as well as outside laboratory services to perform necessary hematology, urinalysis, cytology, or parasite testing.


Your pet is monitored constantly whenever sedation is necessary. We select the safest available agents based on your pet's individual medical needs.

Microchip Identification

We use and offer the "Home Again" microchip system to help permanently identify your pet through a nationally-recognized registry.


There is no one size fits all, so we tailor our vaccination recommendations to the lifestyle and risk factors of the individual patient. We make our vaccine choices based on what is safest for our patients.

Comprehensive Counselling

 The sources of behavioral, dietary or other problems can sometimes be traced to non-medical causes. A housecall offers an ideal opportunity to evaluate a pet's daily environment. Ask us about ways to maximize your pet's quality of life.

End of
Life Care

We understand that it is never easy to say goodbye to your pet, but when that time comes we are here for you. We provide end of life counselling and care.

Radiology and surgical referrals available through our local partner practices.

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