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Crossroads Mobile Vet stocks a wide variety of medications and other pet care supplies. We also provide convenient online access to compounded or specialized medicines and other pharmacy items through Covetrus Pharmacy. Covetrus is a veterinary pharmacy provider that delivers prescribed items right to your door!

Pursuant to Massachusetts law, your pet must have had an examination by a veterinarian within the past year in order to obtain prescription medications, including refills.

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Why buy from our pharmacy?

We at Crossroads Mobile Vet provide a full line of medications for your pet (including heartworm and flea/tick preventatives) either directly or through our online pharmacy affiliate, Covetrus.  Even so, occasionally we are asked to authorize prescriptions for medications through outside sources.  While these sources may sometimes seem advantageous, we urge you to consider certain factors when using them.


First, many of these outside sources use heartworm and flea/tick preventatives as loss leaders.  In other words, they sell those products at a loss, with the hope that you will buy other, high margin products while you’re on their site.  The manufacturers of Heartgard, NexGard, Frontline, and Seresto are aware of this practice, and they try to level the playing field by providing you with rebates and free dosages that are available only through veterinarians and their affiliated pharmacies (not available to third-party sources).  These savings are applied automatically to your account when you receive medications from us, or upon your checkout with Covetrus.


Aside from cost, we emphasize the need for ethical sourcing – you should be confident that your pet’s medications have been properly stored and are not a counterfeit product.  We have chosen Covetrus because of its emphasis on safety.  Covetrus is fully accredited and meets strict quality standards.  In addition, their platform interfaces directly with our practice software, so any medications that you receive from them are automatically added to your pet’s medical record at Crossroads Mobile Vet. 


Perhaps most importantly for your peace of mind, if there is ever any issue or concern with your pet’s medications, with us you can fully rely on the guarantee of the manufacturing company.  For example, if your pet develops heartworm or tick-borne disease despite year-round use of preventatives, Boehringer-Ingelheim (the manufacturer of Heartgard and NexGard) will pay for diagnosis and treatment.  By contrast, the online pharmacies would simply refund your money and walk away.


We value your relationship with Crossroads Mobile Vet!  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s medicines.  We are happy to chat at any time. 

- Dani Cimino, DVM


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